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Let Me Introduce Myself

Vintage Map Transparency

Actor, Cinematographer and Editor.


If Cinematography, Film Making, Editing is an art, then I  would  like to call myself an ARTIST.......


I am a passionate  ARTIST  having the eye of audience's vision. Born in INDIA and  Passion  towards  films  made  me graduated  in   Madhu  Film institute as 

GRADE  'A'  Student in  ACTING.  Landed in USA,  the  world  of  opportunities  as a Software Engineer to aspire my Parent's Dreams.


But  still  the  ARTIST  in  me  keeps on bothering. Joined  San Francisco School of  Digital  Film  Making and made my mark of landing here as a Cinematographer......My Utlimate Hapinees, Passion, Goal...  


Came back to India my home land Hyderabad to make it big.



My upcoming Indie Hindi Film "Rest in Peace" as Directory of Photography 

Vintage Map Transparency

Crowd Funding Pitch for " Rest In Peace "

My First Independent Film as a Director of Photography

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